Monday, March 1, 2010

Breast Self-Check

In order for society, especially women can perform breast examinations on a regular basis, then made a movement called Realize or Sarari which stands for "Breast Self Check". It is recommended that the examination was performed 1 month after the period of about 4-7 days after menstruation.

In this examination, the things done are:

* Standing in front of the mirror with your shoulders straight and your hands on her hips. Consider whether there is physical changes on your breast, such as changes in shape, size or color of the breasts.
* Raise both hands up and consider again whether there is a physical change in the breast that look.
* Click the nipple and see if there is discharge from the nipple.
* Lie on your back and touch the right breast with his left hand and so on. Create a pattern of play and feel what a lump in the breast and others.
* When sitting or standing try to massage the breasts to find out whether there is a suspicious lump. Around the armpit area to the stomach to check.

Be aware of the movement can be made by the spouse to his wife. Or the husband can remind her to do a regular realize. The role of families can facilitate detected of this disease.

Breast Cancer Early Detection

The emergence of a lump in the breast area may be an indication of the possibility of a type of breast cancer. But not all lumps mean cancer because they have to be examined further for certainty in the hospital or doctor.

The key to survival is to detect breast cancer early, before he has a chance to spread.
Another indication of this disease is a lump in the armpit, breast pain, change in color or texture in the breasts, nipples are interested in, the areola (the area around the nipple-colored milk chocolate), or on the nipple. In some cases, breast cancer detected from discharge from the nipple yellowish, greenish, or pus.

The key to survival is to detect breast cancer early, before he has a chance to spread. One cause of high mortality from this disease due to lack of awareness to detect symptoms that exist. Generally after arriving on the complaints that heavy, new patients who consult a doctor often means the cancer is in advanced stage. Therefore, when the disease has reached an advanced stage, it will be difficult to heal.